'Azzun 'Atma, Wed 20.8.08, Afternoon

Milat Sh., Carine L. (reporting); Translation: Galia S.


17:15 – This time we arrive at Azzun Atme from the direction of Israel and take a cab to the checkpoint. There is no one there, no cars and no pedestrians, except for the soldiers. Little by little a few pedestrians arrive from the direction of the village. As usual, they have to pass one by one. Cars also arrive from that direction and they pass after a brief documents check. No line is created save for two or three vehicles. Once in a while a car arrives from the direction of the territories and enters after a brief inspection. This time we are not prevented from entering the checkpoint area.


17:30 – Some time later more pedestrians arrive from the direction of the village. Since the soldiers let the vehicles pass first, the people get into the cars to avoid the long wait for the inspection.


17:45 – We leave the checkpoint. Three vehicles are waiting to leave the village and one car is at the entrance.