Beit Iba, Wed 6.8.08, Afternoon

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Sara P., Tammy C.Translator: Judith G.




 Beit Iba

We arrived at Beit Iba;  the vehicles checkpoint was almost empty.  Only at the entrance to Dir Sharaf were there a few cars. At the turnstiles and the women's line there were very few people and the inspection was carried out, under the supervision of A. without any delays.  The shed for detaineesinfo-icon was empty. A cleaning worker with a vest upon which his job was written kept absolute order;  a good job for a needy person. 

The wagon owners went in and out with no problem. No DCO rep at the checkpoint.  There is a feeling that whoever doesn't absolutely have to be there prefers to stay home.  The youth passing through are used to cutting corners but this doesn't lessen our bad feelings;  the place looks like places known to us from our own history. 

15:00 A bus arrives.  The driver got out with his documents and ID for inspection;  the passengers stay in.  This procedure repeated itself later, when there are a lot more people asking to enter Nablus by foot;  they are chekced, and pass through.  At a certain point, there were so few people entering that only one turnstile was in operation.  We hear from those entering a lot of complaints about delays;  Nidam helps us converse with the people. 

We left.