'Anata, Qalandiya, Thu 21.8.08, Morning

Sheila, B., Judy, E., Mili M. (reporting)
Anata 6.30

Traffic moves in a reasonable pace, not very long lines of cars. No mention of the attempt of Right Activists to get into the camp. Soldiers tried to move us away from the CP, but gave up immediately.


Qalandiya 6.55

Huge lines, many waiting at the humanitarian gate. The Civil Authority soldiers tell us that three machines are out of order and the checking is done manually, at our request they explain it to the people in line.

The wait in the external turnstiles took 40 minutes. Both the turnstiles and the humanitarian gate opened regularly. At some point, to alleviate the pressure, people without bags were invited to go through the humanitarian gate, it helped

A history teacher who teaches in the Old city told us that he lives 10 minutes from his workplace but has to go through the CP every morning. Not a new story, but has to be repeated every time it is told.

Considering the circumstances the situation was handled efficiently and cordially, under the command of Captain ("seren') Kaplan from the CA. The pressure was off at 8.10

Once again we could witness the effect of the commanding officer on the CP.