'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 14.8.08, Afternoon

Sima S., Ola (guest), Lea R. (reporting)
Translation: Devorah K.

15:15  A'anin CP
Four tractors loaded with old furniture go through quickly.
15:30 The gatesinfo-icon close. They will open again on Monday morning.

15:45 Shaked-Tura CP
There are six soldiers. Only a few people go through. The passage is quick.
The soldiers show some interest in us. They ask what is the meaning of the organization, and is it the same as "B'tselem"?

16:10 Reihan - Barta'a CP
The parking lot on the Palestinian side is full of cars, most of which are taxis. People tell us that at the Mavo-Dotan-Ameriha CP people without permits are not allowed to go through to the Reihan CP (usually permits are not required). people say that in this season, they 'always make trouble.'
They complain that since last week, passage has been very slow in the morning.
A seven-year-old boy is sitting in the Palestinian parking lot. They say that the policemen brought him back here from Israel where he was begging. They left him in the parking lot because 'here somebody will take care of him.' The child is from Tul Karem. A taxi driver tells us that when he was a child he also was taken out of school in order to support his brothers and his mother. The driver says that there are many families in distress that live that way, especially widows and families where the head of the family is ill. He himself managed to get ahead and now he owns a taxi. The driver praises the women of MachsomWatch and says that without us the situation at the CPs would be worse.