Reihan, Shaked, Wed 13.8.08, Morning

Nava, Hedva (reporting)

Translation:Yael Bassis-Student

10:15 -Shaked checkpoint
The checkpoint is closed and there's not a living soul to be seen in the area.

Rihan checkpoint
At the upper entrance to the terminal (on the way to the West Bank) three men are sitting on a bench awaiting their turn. Four more, among them an elderly couple, are standing in line opposite the window.
Fifteen minutes later we met some of them at the lower car park area.

The older couple got confused and returned into the terminal. We could not see what had happened to them later. One of them came out an hour later.
At the Palestinian car park area there are eight trucks loaded with vegetables.

- A police officer arrives on site to give out parking violation tickets, but this time apparently there is no work for him.
At the vehicles' inspection post, before the passage into Israel, there are four vehicles under inspection, and fivemore are waiting outside.

- We left