'Anata, Qalandiya, Mon 28.7.08, Morning

Ronnie P., Judy O.,

Anata, 6:45 a.m.
Traffic moving smoothely despite rough aggressive
soldiers. While we were there, there was a change of the security guards -
jostling with each other with their weapons in a show of adolescent machoism.
Women (who work as cleaners) with no papers sat on the side waiting for a chance
to slip through. One woman tried to pass around the checkpoint - was seen, and
two armed soldiers gave chase and immediately brought her back.

Kalandia, 7:30
Long queues out into the covered area. Three
windows open. Humanitarian gate was being opened for women, the sick, old. But
then at 8:15 the soldiers said that this gate was now closed and everyone
had to go through those long steel cages.
On the way back we decided to drive back through
the checkpoint. It took us literally 1 hour to move from the car park at
Kalandia through the checkpoint - a distance of a few metres. And this is what
some people must do every morning.