Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sheikh Saed, Wed 6.8.08, Morning

Anat T., Shira W. (reporting)
06:50 Zeitim passage

We went into the checkpoint. Two sleeves wereopen, and very few people were waiting there. All in all, the people were moving in a flow.

07:10 Wadi Nar

When we arrived, the checkpoint was almost empty, and very few vehicles went through. A few minutes later they started checking documents on the lane going northwards, and the traffic that started to grow thicker was slowed. We approached the side of the checkpoint in order to see the number of the vehicles waiting, and the soldiers stopped the traffic and ordered the vehicles that stood there to regress untill we don't move (from the area outside the cement blocks). We asked if they are punishing the Palestinians for our deeds and they answered in the affirmative.

We moved back immediately to our places, and when we found a new place we found out that they had detained six vans as once. Anat called the new DCO officer (the one who replaces Elisha), and complained about the behaviour of the soliders towards us and towards the Palestinians. The officer promised to take care of things, and told us that she will send the representative of the DCO in the checkpoint to take care of things.
The repsresentative of the DCO emerged from the prefab building, that was moved temporarily a bit further and up the area, and approached the place where the documents were kept. The checking of the documents was efficient, and a few minutes later, after the cooperation of the DCO representative, and the BP soldier, the vehicles were sent on their way. The vehicles that were detained later on were released after about ten minutes of waiting. We heard some talk on the van standing near us, a soldier who had returned the documents to the passengers was threatenning the passengers not to talk to us.

09:00 Sheikh Saed

The movement is thin and moving. The checkpoint seems quiet and relaxed.