Reihan, Wed 30.7.08, Morning

Hedva H., Nava R.
Translation: Y. Bassis-Student

1030-Rihan (Barta'a)checkpoint
Upper level: One person enters the terminal at this time, on his way to the West Bank.
6 vans await passengers going into the Seam Line zone.
A family on its way to the Seam Line zone sits on the bench and waits (for more than 20 minutes) for the head of the family and his car to go through inspection at the vehicle's post.

Lower level
- 2 trucks loaded with food wait for about half an hour to be called for inspection.
Drivers say that today is a good day and waiting time is not too long.
All 17 drivers sit or lie down in the shade waiting for a miracle (passengers) and livelihood.

At this time the number of drivers is by far larger than that of passengers seeking their services.

There is a note on the gate, announcing that on Thursday the checkpoint would close at 5:00 pm, no reason given.

12:00 - We leave.