Reihan, Shaked, Wed 23.7.08, Morning

Vivien and Nava
Translation: Y. Student

0730 Shaked-Tura checkpoints
Workers and a few other people who get out to run errands go through from one side to another with hardly any waiting; this is true for the herd of sheep and its shepherd on his donkey.

0800 Rihan-Barta'a checkpoints
Seven private cars are waiting on the other side of the fence.
Three private vehicles on the other direction are waiting to cross over  to the Seam Line zone.
At the Palestinian car park area there are two vehicles with farming merchandise awaiting inspection. they arrived at the checkpoint a while ago. Half an hour later two more vehicles with sheep arrive at the gate. Within  one hour they all go through.
The few pedestrians who arrive at the gate go into the terminal  right away. Apparently there are no problems inside the terminal, as people do not stay inside too long.

We left.