Wed 16.7.08, Morning

Hedva and Nava
1015 -Rihan checkpoint
Few go through into the Seam Line zone. A number of drivers awaiting passenge,rs who do not arrive.
All watch T.V,say the drivers, because today is the day of the swap of POWs. A few Israeli cars had gone into the occupied territories.
Four commercial vehicles were inspected inside the closed area. We were told that this morning there had been an accident inside that closed area when one person was hurt by a forklift and was transferred to a hospital in Jenin.

At 11 o'clock two more vehicles with agriculture goods arrive.
1200 -We left.

While at Barta'a I came across a man whose two front teeth were missing. He told me that a week and a half ago he went through Rihan checkpoint and one of the security personnel had hit him in the face breaking his teeth. He had decided not to press charges.
We shall try to follow this story.