Beit Iba, Thu 17.7.08, Morning

Observers: Shoshana Z, Nina S (reporting)

translation: L.W

08:15 Beit Iba Checkpoint

Few cars at entrance and exit, fast transit.

A truck loaded with bricks wants in to Nablus, but is sent back. The driver does not have the appropriate documentation. His response to my question, "what will you do," "I will go around through Asira." If it is possible to enter freely by going around, why can’t he enter from here? The gods of the IDF have solutions. Meanwhile, he wastes another hour of driving, another crossing at Anabta Checkpoint, and lost fuel – a natural resource, and more polluted air. Everything costs more...

The pedestrian crossing is fast, with from time to time a wave of transients, but lines that dissolve quickly. Most of the time, three checkers at the entry hut. There are two checking stations at the exit, but the flow is thin.