Beit Iba, Sun 13.7.08, Morning

Sara B-S., Orna P.

Beit Iba cp
We again met the representatives of the Ecumenical Church. They report that the waiting period has been about 7 minutes.
In contrast to our lack of accessibility to the detaineesinfo-icon, the church women pass over to the other side, speak with them and can speak on their behalf to the soldiers, which we cannot, being Israelis.  They are living in Tulkarm and have travelled within Israel.  They say they have been able to create a trusting relationship with the soldiers, they cooperate and the checkpoint operates more smoothly.  They are also occasionally successful in shortening the period of detention.
When we were present, there was one detainee in the shed.  He was released shortly, with the intervention of the Ecumenical team.  One of their volunteers told us about their preparation and acceptance for the volunteer mission.