'Anabta, Beit Iba, Jubara (Kafriat), Sun 20.7.08, Morning

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Yehudit H, Rachel H (reporting)

Chana S. translating


7.45  Beit Iba.  On arrival we were approached by a worker, a passenger in a taxi parked next to us, and complained that had been on the road to work for 4 hours. Because of army activity in Nablus there had been delays and, according to him, ‘you should come and photograph what happens at these hours every day.”  He said that the checking is pedantic and slow, especially on Sundays, because workers who stay in Israel throughout the week pass with luggage.  Many workers forgo carrying food packages and prefer to buy food at their workplace so as to avoid delay.  He complained about the high cost of the various taxis he has to take on the broken up route.  Often the employer despairs of waiting for him.  He spoke fluent Hebrew and told us that a student who argued with a women soldier

was detained in the hut. We promised to try to clarify the matter with the commander.  Some of the men that we met on our way to the checkpoint were fastening their belts (afterwards we saw some of them were alo having their shoes checked).  One man said the waiting time at the exit from Nablus was 10 minutes and later we counted about 12 men waiting at the carousel.  When we reached the checkpoint there were only 7 young men in line. When we asked if the schoolyear had finished they answered that classes in A-ya’ga (?) were continuing until the beginning of August and would restart on 20th August.


A military policeman and policewoman checked i.d.s of young persons and passage was quick. As soon as we arrived two out of three detaineesinfo-icon in the hut were released. We asked the woman soldier if she would explain why the remaining young man was held and her answer was ‘and if I don’t feel like telling you?..”  An additional military policewoman also refused to speak to us. We did not argue and waited until the arrival of the commander who said that the young man had blocked the way for women and refused the request of the soldier to clear the way and therefore was punished. He had been in the hut from 7 a.m. and was released only at 8.40.  We complained to the commander about the rude behaviour of the woman soldier and he promised to deal with the matter.


8.10    About 30 young men in line at the entry to Nablus.


8.15  We left.  At Anabta and Jubara traffic flowed.