Al Nashshash, Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 18.6.08, Morning

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D, O, R (reporting), Y driver

Nebi Yunis

Bethlehem, 6:40 am: Five checking stations open.  Only six to ten people waiting in line at each station.  A man from the Ecumenical organization approaches us to say that at the entrance about 700 people are waiting to enter.  It took him one hour to pass through.  There is some "jumping over" to get in line, but no security person in sight to set things in order.  We also meet three people from Oxfam, an advocacy and media organization from Britain.  They are very interested to speak to us.


Al Nashshash, 7:15 am: No one approaches us for help.


Nebi Yunis, 7:50 am: During our stay here, soldiers set up a flying CP.  They stop very few cars.  One soldier asks me who we are.  He is very polite and wishes me "a good day".  He says they are looking for a particular person.

 Etzion DCL, 8:40, am: About 50 people are waiting to renew their magnetic cards.  They are being processed, but very slowly. Several persons with police matters were received.  A man, ill with heart disease, tells us that he was visited at home by GSS to urge him to cooperate with them, so that he would receive special health care.