Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Thu 10.7.08, Afternoon

Dafna B., Yuf'at D. (reporting), Translation: Galia S.





The Schoolchildren's Gate checkpoint

14:19 – Right now 2 cars are being checked. The soldiers check ID cards and the trunks of the cars. The soldier asks to see our ID cards and checks to see if we are allowed to pass to Ar-Ras. We continue on our way.

Ar-Ras checkpoint


Seven cars that have come from the direction of Ar-Ras and the same number of cars from the direction of Tulkarm are at the checkpoint. The soldiers ask the people they check where they are heading. Two youths arrive on a motorcycle. "Is it your bike?" the soldiers ask one of them, and "who is this guy?" they ask pointing at the passenger. The road is rough and the drivers maneuver with one wheel on the road and another on the earth. One truck is checked for ten minutes. The soldiers' behavior is condescending.


The Schoolchildren's Gate checkpoint


Two detaineesinfo-icon are sitting on the ground because they have returned from Israel where they went to look for work, which they did without having the occupiers' permit. Their documents are being checked.


The two detainees are a 22-year-old guy and an elderly woman aged 70. It's hard to find work in Palestine. Among other things, the movement restrictions are to blame and also the checkpoints that Israel erects which prevents any existence of a proper Palestinian economy. "What kind of life is it", asks the young man. When I ask him about his work, he says, "I work as a remodeling labourer. What else can I do?"