Bethlehem, Mon 23.6.08, Afternoon

Yehudit M., Yael Y. (reporting), Translation: Jonathan M.


15:30 - 17:30 PM, Bethlehem CP 300: We passed through the Liberman road checkpoint and continued onwards to the DCO, which was empty.

Both the Pillboxes at the entrances to Ein-Arov and Beit Omar were manned.

At the Tunnel Road traffic was flowing as usual.

CP 300 is as crowded as usual at this time, but it seemed like people were getting by as usual. Traffic slows down when people start coming from Bethlehem and one booth has to be turned over to traffic coming from the other direction. At one point it became very crowded and the line stretched almost all the way to the sidewalk. We tried phoning, but of course did not get any answer. An officer who came out tried to offer a smart assed answer, but then ordered another booth to be opened and the line was quickly eliminated.