'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 10.7.08, Morning

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Anna, a guest from Argentine and Sima S.
Seriously? Does this make us safer?
Translation: Devorah K.

04:50 Reihan CP
The outer gate is still closed and about 100 people are waiting there to go through. At 05:00, the gate opens and the workers push and are pushed to get in. They thrust forward, one of them gets hit by the door and falls on the concrete floor. His friends and the people from the civilian firm that runs the CP do not know what to do. He tries to get up and fails; he hits the foot that was injured. In the meantime, nobody goes through; after a few minutes he does manage to get up. The people all around are very bitter about how the CP is run, and the case of this man illustrates how hazardous the procedures are.
The women arrive and go through before the men in the parallel route, but inside there are shouts and people are filling the interior rooms. They are stopped at the entrance to the interior sleeveinfo-icon, and after that at the inspection machine. Somebody complains that they are being admitted in groups of four and they are not sent through one after another as in Taibeh. There, according to the people, they go through one after another and the luggage is inspected at the same time.

05:55 A'anin CP
The CP is still closed and from afar we can only hear the voices of people waiting to go through.
06:05 Only ten people have gone through out of the hundred who are waiting. Talking to an official at the Salem DCO did not help and the request to talk with the commander was rejected because "he is sleeping"... It seems that this particular band of soldiers slows the passage of farmers intentionally.

07:05 Tura-Shaked CP
The CP is open and the passage is slow but steady. First they let through those coming from the seamline zone and those who want to enter Paslestine wait. I counted seven cars with passengers waiting to enter the CP and at long last, after the drivers argued and yelled, all of them went through. A man told us that the soldiers don't care and today they opened the gate five minutes late, but yesterday and the day before they opened it 15 minutes late.

08:00 Reihan-Barta'a CP
The people coming out of the sleeve tell us that today the passage was faster and the new x-ray machine is working. We also talk to the person who sells tea and coffee, who asks us to find somebody in Israel who is willing to employ him as a (house) painter. He says that this is his vocation.

08:30 We left.