Beit Iba, Qalqiliya, Wed 4.6.08, Afternoon

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Tami C., Dalia G.





Translator: Judith G. 

15:40 Beit Iba
The shed for pedestrians – empty.The pedestrians entering Nablus are inspected, but just the IDs.  Once in a while, a line forms of up to 10 people, which is immediately finished.The Humanitarian line is empty, but a youth who want to use it is sent back to the shed.  There must be order!  No detaineesinfo-icon. The soldiers:An officer from the Military Police is friendly and allows us to sit.  The representative of the DCO is also pleasant.  In contrast, the officer in charge is unpleasant.  When we entered the checkpoint through the iron gate, he sent us back and asked us to go around the side.At the entrance line there were only 3 people – he asked them to go back and stand behind the red line.  That is how he is, there is nothing to do about it.We noticed that he did take care of his soldiers and made sure that they drank water.

 16:30. Nothing happening.  We leave, but right away we discover we have a flat tire, so we are delayed until it can be fixed. 

 17:10  Qalqilya – no lines.  

Sha'ar Eliyahu. We go through the settlers gate and this time they do not send us back.