'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Thu 3.7.08, Afternoon

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Hagar L. Yifat D. (reporting) Translation: Netta S.

Anabta -16: 20- we heard that there is a huge chaos at Anabta while visiting Beit-Iba.  There was a long line of cars that reached further than the junction. 60 cars were waiting to enter TulKarm, 30 cars were waiting to exit. It was very hot and we could hear the people complaining and babies crying. A police vehicle was located behind the warning sign that informs, “you are entering an A territory, Palestinian police forces are activated”.   People tell us that the police and the soldiers are delaying the cars.  We walked along the line of cars and noticed that it hardly moved, but when we stood next to the soldier he indicated to most of the cars to cross. According to people’s evidences the waiting time was shortened. However, the line was still very long because more cars kept on coming. The cars that wanted to turn left in the junction (especially settlers) didn’t wait in line; they bypassed the line while crossing white separating line and risking other people in the junction while doing that. When we reported on that to the police vehicle that was present there, the constable claimed that he was there not for this reason (taking advantage of the checkpoint in order to give Palestinians traffic tickets).
We saw a big sign hanging on the concrete platforms in which was written that MachsomWatch support terror.  After an hour the soldiers are exchanged and the inspections once again become very strict, the line just getting longer. When we left at 17:50 the line was just as long as when we arrived.
18:17- there were military police soldiers in addition to the soldiers at the children’s gate, they were doing inspections.