Beit Iba, Mon 26.5.08, Morning

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Nina S. Osnat S. Natanya translating.

Beit Iba. 8.10.

Only about 2-4 cars in line during the entire shift. A dog was checking a van from which the passengers had alighted and after that a car and then a number of traders who were taking goods from side to side.  The line of those exiting is short as is usual at this time of day. There are many pedestrians entering Nablus. A Druze is standing at the checking area speaking pleasantly and with respect to the people and allowing women and children to go through quickly and without checking. He speaks to them in their own language but also checks each ID of the young man against the list. In short an example that things can be done differently. He is a reservist who brings the dogtrainer and has volunteered to help the soldiers. The soldiers are from a Hesder yeshiva and are new, do not quite know what to do and as usual the orders are not clear. Each time one of them relieves the Druze volunteer and then the women were checked and we had to call the attention of the DCO  to deal with the situation so that lines should not be created.

There is one detainee whose number has come up and they are waiting for the secret service and half an hour passes and then another. The DCO phones his office that they should checked and at 9.45 he is freed. The commander wil not speak to us so that we cannot find out what is happening. But on the other hand he does not prevent ous being there and bother us.