'Anabta, Jubara (Kafriat), Tue 27.5.08, Afternoon

Dalia F., Devorka A.

4.15 Anabta with few cars which pass quickly in both directions.

4.40 Jubara. The cars in either directions pass swiftly and with little if no checking. We ask the commander, first sergeant Gadi, wearing a small settler's kippa for the keys so as to get to A-Ras. According to his instructions we waited parked at the side and after a few moments when no one got back to us we again asked for the keys.  The answer was that they did not know where it was and would look for it. Maybe the patrol had taken it and when we said that this was not the first time and that one could suppose that the army could take better cars of the keys we received an aggressive educational speech. Very settlerish and cheeky which ended only when we were told that the keys would only be returned 45 minutes later and ended with his shouting "I hope that your son will be a soldier and will be wounded while he is serving. We left the place without waiting for the keys.