'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Mon 9.6.08, Afternoon

Yona E. Elisheva E (reporting) Translation: Netta S.

Translation: Netta S.

Jubara -13:45: We managed to cross the checkpoint on the way there and back without any delays.
In gate 753 the soldiers are hiding in the tent- it's very hot outside.
A-Ras: Two taxis from Tulkarm and two trucks to Tulkarm weren't checked. The small amount of cars crossing the checkpoint is caused by the closureinfo-icon.
The mounds of stones which are replacing the stop line are fulfilling their destination.
Anabta- 14:10- By the eastern post there's a sign in Hebrew only warning from entering an area which is inside Palestinian territory. 
It doesn't seem that the amount of Israelis entering has decreased.
A steady stream of vehicles was crossing the checkpoint especially Israeli license-plates.
At the entrance, a small number of cars are being held from time to time but then they all cross at once.