'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Thu 12.6.08, Morning

Biria L., Nura R.

 Translator: Orna B

The locked Jubara Gate is opened without any trouble, by the soldier from the road block.
We go through the Children Gate where we find several inactive soldiers. A little later, when we are in A-ras, a large number of youths (village residents or agricultural workers) who seem to be regulars at going through to Juabra, begin to arrive. We did not see anybody being detained.  At A-ras there is little traffic and the inspection is eclectic.  On the road towards the checkpoint several large stones scattered on the road, continue to be the 'main attraction' of the area, by forcing drivers to perform a slalum through them.

 08:15 Anabta
The 4 soldiers of this shift are divided between the two check posts (entrance and exit to and from Anabta and Tulkarm). By the watch tower, a group of officers (mainly captains) seem to be receiving explanations from one of them. Cars go through with hardly any inspection. At 8:45  arrives the Hammer vehicle for the changing of shifts, which happens this time with no delays , and without stopping the inspections at the check posts. Thus no queues build up (as opposed to the last time we came when all traffic stopped for about 20 minutes).