Beit Iba, Mon 23.6.08, Afternoon

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Bilha A., Yona A., Tamara H. (recording) Translator: Charles K.

15:00  Immediately upon our arrival the checkpoint commander – Lt. Menashe – asks us vehemently to move away, leave the area and stand at his intersection and notifies us that he's calling the police – he gets the number from the sheet and in the same breath takes out the phone he was given by Women in Blue.
The line moves in a very orderly manner and efficiently.
There are two detaineesinfo-icon
One of the young men leaving Nablus comes out holding his belt in one hand and his phone and cards in the other, says something unclear and adds when he comes near us so we'll be sure to hear him – Only Hamas.
Tomer, the DCO representative, gives Yona a scholarly disquisition on the detainees and what their sins were.
We didn't see dog handlers today, and the line does move quickly – cars as well as people are handled quietly and efficiently.
From time to time the magnometer beeps, and the young men routinely come through near us holding their belts in their hands and their shoelaces untied, and continue on their daily business as if this all was normal. 

We continued our shift until 16:00 and went on to Tzofin after talking with Naomi Lalo.