Beit Iba, Wed 25.6.08, Afternoon

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Sarah P. Tammie C. Natanya translating.

15.15 At Beit Iba where the road goes to Qusin
is a temporary roadblock where cars entering the village are checked. A while later it was removed. There were not many people or cars and all passed fairly
quickly including an ambulance. About 40 people at the turnstiles with a waiting period of about 10-15 minutes a person. Very hot. The usual routine.
The humanitarian line also moving normally. A(saf) did not hide his distaste for us but on the other hand he let us stand where we wanted to and he did reply to us that people had been detained because they had tried to slip
through. It took us a while to find Asam of the DCO at the car line. All the posts have air conditioning so it is much more pleasant to be there but besides that he he fulfils all his duties as he checks permits, etc.


All the men coming through have to dress again
on their way out but A.hurries them along saying that the checkpoint must be sterileinfo-icon as if it is not the soldiers who make the men strip. But they have to do this far away.


arrives and most of the passengers have to alight and go through the turnstiles. We did not understand if the bus waits for them beyond the checkpoint or maybe they have to find other transport. It seems that they decide with the driver. Later the military policewoman comes up to us. She had been very strict in her checking including a woman with a babe in arms even though the soldier had already checked her. We thought that she wanted to speak to us and so she did. A personal conversation without criticism or
harsh words and maybe we managed to soften her attitude a bit?