'Anabta, Qalqiliya, Wed 2.7.08, Morning

Netta A. Inbal R. (reporting) Natanya translating.

Summary. Routine checking. Reservists soften the atmosphere at the checkpoint.

At the Eliyahua crossing at 6.35 there are some 10s of workers waiting to
be checked before going to their work in the settlements. There is an average lane for this time of day. Some cars wait to leave the town. A driver with yellow license plates is not allowed through because the permit is on his father's name. The reservists do not make unnecessary
delays. Maybe they are less tired and depressed than the regular soldiers. At least 4 soldier sit at Svut Ami in the shade near the house. Maybe the army has decided to man the hill so as to stop the settlers. That way they will not have to again evacuate which needs a battalion. On the opposite hill which is also Palestinian a permanent tent is being set up, a new Shvut Ami.

7.10 – 8.20Jenadi. Crossroads 57 and 60. On they way to Nablus we see cars
and a group of people who seem to be workers at the crossroads. On the way back from Nablus is a Hummer. We do not understand what bothers the soldiers at this play which is a kilometer and a half (air) from the nearest settlements. Workers from Jenin, Tulkarm and Nablus go though by taxi and on road 60. It seems this is just harassment as the Palestinians can not travel here by private car and road 60 in te north is blocked because of the settlement, Shavei Shomron

8.30 Anabta. Short lines in both direction, waiting period of not more than 5 minutes. Reserve soldiers man the checkpoint.