Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Thu 26.6.08, Afternoon

Debora G., Daphna S. (reporting)

 Wadi Nar

The road was almost impossible because of the huge amount of policemen and the stuck traffic lights that resulted from the "Pride Parrade". We found a completely ruined checkpoint, and again they gave us the explanation that they are building a more convenient checkpoint.

They stop the cars going into El-Ezariye. Two people emerge the buildig on the side of the road. Now we can not really see what is happenning.

A soldier makes one of the passengers enter the car and wait for his documents very rudely. He does not answer our questions at all. In general, we find this soldier very rude. The commander of the checkpoint gives us explanations about the building there, and he is very polite. When we ask about the way the workers go through - there is no caroussel and nothing - he explains that they let people through slowly slowly, and do it in the best possible way.

Minivans are waiting for the workers near the ruins and not down the road. Until 5 very few workers went through.

In El-Ezariye, like in Jerusalem, there were many traffic jams.