Reihan, Wed 2.7.08, Morning

Hedvah and Nava
Translation: D. Kalekin

- In the upper CP a few pedestrians are going through to the West Bank. Two passenger cars are undergoing the usual inspection.
Four passenger vehicles on their way to the seamline zone are waiting for inspection.  A few vehicles are being inspected in the closed compound.
In the Palestinian parking lot, four trucks are waiting for the inspection of agricultural goods - one of them is loaded with plastic furniture.
A few pedestrians are going through from the West Bank to the terminal. Many drivers are sitting and waiting for passengers. One man complains to us that in the morning and in the afternoon, during rush hour, only one window is manned and because of that there are 'traffic jams' and it takes an hour or more to get through the terminal. People lose time at work.

1200 - We left.