'Anata, Mon 30.6.08, Morning

Rina R. Maya B. (reporting)
6:30 we set out for Anata. We get there at 6:50 and meet Roni P. and Ruthi R.
They were discussing the buses taking , children around and
the dangers of the parking lot. The CP was almost empty. The
school year is over and only few children go to summer camps.
We decided to come there earlier next week since the workers are
all gone by 7 am. There is a very efective traffic manager
on the Parking lot which helps to prevent accidents. As far as
the CP is concerned there was nothing for us to report.

We continued to Wadi Naar. The CP is in the process of being
dismantled but not because it is being eliminated , but rather
a bigger and more "effective " CP will be built instead.
Apparently the CP is in Area C and therefor "legitimate". The

procedures are taking place. Some taxies are let through ,
others are being stopped, their ID cards are taken. checked
and returned after a relativly short time , when we are there.
We do not know how long it takes when we are not there.

The traffic is made to wait in both directions and we still
have not been able to figure out what makes the soldiers move it
fast or not.

Is it plain lack of consideration??