'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Tue 17.6.08, Afternoon

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Yael S. Zahava G. Netta S translating.

Jubara -14:00: We are waiting for the gate to be opened and saying the "blessing" of "terror movements" for Machsomwatch women.

A-Ras- 14:05- No restrictions, no examinations, just here and there. The "slalom" stones that were supposed to prevent cars' thieves to escape were removed as a result of the battalion commander's order. The soldiers, most of them are religious; ask us whether we are against the checkpoints or for them but just encouraging a humanitarian attitude. We said that both things are correct. Then, they started an argument; the bottom line was that it's not an occupation because this land was given to us in the bible. Were it not for the Palestinian terror it would have been possible to make their lives easier. The objection for the PA is fundamental. They refused to believe that important Rabbis supported the partition plan 60 years ago. We gave them names of Rabbis and examples and said goodbye.

14:35- exiting Jubara, Yael removes the "blessing" sign.

Anabta- 14:50- small number of cars are heading towards TulKarm, crossing without stopping. 16 cars are waiting at the exit from TulKarm. A red BMW is standing on the side of the road and driver is sitting in the car. He claims that he has been waiting for two hours. The checkpoint commander tells us that according to his certificates he's from Beit- Hanun which is located in the Gaza strip, which is why he shouldn't be there. We asked him if it is possible that he changed his residence but didn't have time to update his certificates because it's complicated.
The commander said that he is looking into that. When we looked again the car was released.

Jubara- 15:00- 23 cars are waiting at the exit from TulKarm. The soldiers are busy talking amongst themselves and don't pay attention to the waiting cars. When a car arrives to the checkpoint the soldiers are standing with their backs to the traffic and the driver understands that he can cross and then the soldiers stop him and yell at him.

15:10- more than 30 cars are waiting in line and maybe there are more but there's a curve in the road so it's impossible to see any further. The soldiers are telling jokes and every once in a while they remember to signal a driver to approach. The one who is supposed to be checking the certificates is standing with his back to the road. We remind them over and over what their job is. It's ironic but even within this ineffectuality the commander, Bar, rushed in to take the terrorists' "blessing" that was hung there out of Yael's hands and re-hanged it. He claimed that it belonged to the checkpoint and Yael said it's ours.