'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 19.6.08, Morning

Raya Z, Havi (reporting)

06:07 Aanin Checkpoint

The checkpoint is open, people are passing, arguments can be heard in the background, apparently about the line. Transit is fast – three minutes to check a tractor, one minute per man.

06:30 – everybody has been taken into the inner checkpoint, between the gatesinfo-icon. Today the number of people is greater than usual, seems like 60, including more women and children than usual (holiday time and many seem festively dressed for family visits). In addition there are three tractors.

Bitter voices and line problems growing. The soldiers are shouting all the time "back!" and transit is becoming slower.

06:45 – the soldiers have stopped passage and closed the gate. A jeep has arrived, and four more soldiers climb out and shout at everyone to move back.

07:00 – transit is again at a reasonable rate, while four soldiers are watching over the line and another three are checking IDs. The officer from the jeep comes to us to ask who we are and what are we writing...

Despite all the chaos, an older woman crossed among the first, and noticed that she had forgotten her medications, so the soldiers let her through to get them from her son on the other side of the checkpoint.

07:18 Shaked-Tura Checkpoint

Here3 too there are more soldiers than usual – seven with another in the observation point. Perhaps 20 people waiting to pass, and the pace is reasonable.

A man relates that yesterday the checkpoint did not open until eight or nine am, because a 12 year old boy crossed under the fence and, until they found him, they did not open the checkpoint.

07:40 Rihan-Bartaa Checkpoint

Seven pickup trucks with agricultural waiting for inspection, three being checked. Quiet and not many people.

Perhaps 20 waiting in the sleeveinfo-icon to enter the terminal for ten minutes, and then entering in one group.