Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Thu 12.6.08, Afternoon

Dafna S., Devora G. (reporting)

 15:45, Etzion DCL: About twenty people were sitting and waiting. Some gathered by the turnstiles. They said no one had entered since 15:00.    We checked the notices. There was a notice saying that the reception hours ended at 17:00. We came closer to the windows and tried to get the attention of the solider that were in the booth. They sat behind closed windows which ment that if anyone talked to them they couldn't and wouldn't hear. Eventually they answered that the reception hours ended at 16:00. We conveyed this information to those who were still waiting. They continued to sitt there for a while, but eventually they were convinced that there was nothing worth waiting for. When the soldiers came out we asked them why the sign didn't say that the service ended at 16:00. They promised to correct it.  The captain said that he had only two posts (could that be changed?) and that they have already prepared 130 magnetic cards without having a lunch break. They explained the situation to those waiting but the Palestinians did not leave the checkpoint and stayed sitting.  

16:30, Bethlehem checkpoint: The workers who were heading back passed fast. There were no lines.