Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sheikh Saed, Wed 11.6.08, Morning

Anat T., Yael Y., Neta A., Shira V. (reporter) Guests: a German-Israeli theatre group
07:10 Sheikh Saed

Quite an old woman, who has no permit, tries to go through the checkpoint in order to get some medical treatment. The soldiers refuse to let her go at the begginning. We started to make phone calls, but finally, after a talk with the soldiers, they let her go through.

08:30 Zeitim passage

A thin traffic of people.

09:10 Wadi Naar

A few vans are detained on both sides. After a few minutes those who go north are released, and afterwards those who go south. Afterwards more vans were stopped. They were released too after a few minutes. A bus full of passengers that got to the checkpoint was detained on the side of the road, after a sodlier got on the bus and checked it.

We spoke with the passengers and they told us that they belong to a Christian group that works on educational and social projects in various towns on the West Bank. They are now on their way to Ramalla as part of their activity. The soldiers had taken all their IDs. we tried to talk with one of the soldiers, and explain who the passengers are, and see if it is possible to make the checkup quicker. As we could see, the soldier passed the information to the one in charge who set in the shed, and indeed, a short time afterwards (that was not enough time to check all the passengers' documents) the documents were returned, and the bus went on its way.