Reihan, Shaked, Sat 7.6.08, Morning

Bat Ami, Sima S (reporting)

06:50 Aanin Checkpoint

We came only to introduce Bat Ami to the checkpoint. It’s Saturday today, and the place is closed.

07:05 Shaked Checkpoint

Open. Few people and vehicles passing in both directions. People say that the soldiers are okay today, the schools are on holiday so there are no children or teachers.

07:30 Reihan Checkpoint

A lot of people on the outer side of the checkpoint waiting to enter the Seam Zone, and within the checkpoint at the entrance to the checking area many people also waiting. People coming out say the soldiers are working slowly and only one window is ope. Few people entering the parking lot and not much work for the drivers. No loaded trucks with produce, apparently because it’s Saturday when the checkpoint only opens at 07:00.
08:30 – we leave.