Bethlehem, Thu 22.5.08, Morning

Rachel F., Nora B. (reporter)

6:00 AM, Bethlehem Checkpoint: There are 5 boots open when we arrive at 6:00, and no pressure on the Israeli side. As usual, Palestinians complain about what goes on on the other side, which is impossible. 

A woman who works at a hospital addresses  us and complains that she has been waiting on the other side from 4:30 and only now, 6:30 succeeded to pass. There is no line for women, and the pressure, intolerable.  The responsible for security, who would not identify himself, addresses her and asks for her ID and permit. He talks correctly to her and let her know, as far as we understood, that she should have addressed him, and not us. Another delay for the woman, and this because she dared complain.