Reihan, Shaked, Tue 17.6.08, Afternoon

Mara BD and Shula B
Translation: Devorah K.

Shaked CP  14:45
Everything is happening very slowly. Tura and Daher el-Malek are two sleepy villages, each on a different side of the Fence. People go through from here to there. There are undoubtedly many more who would like to go through but cannot. Two women students are returning from a day of exams. We give them a ride to the village of Umm el-Reihan. It is hard to get them to talk to us.

Reihan CP  15:20
Mara is impressed with the new gardening around the CP.
There are many vehicles in the Palestinian parking lot; all of them are waiting for the flow of people coming back from work in the seamline zone or in Israel.
Eight commerical vehicles are waiting for inspection.
In the vehicle compound, two or three vehicles are being inspected.
People tell us that they are satisfied with the fact that the CP opens earlier - at 05:00. That allows them to get to work early and they do not have to come at 04:00 to make sure they have a place in the queue. All of them hope that this easing of the situation is not a one-time event.

15:40  We left.