Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Sheikh Saed, Mon 23.6.08, Morning

Rina R., Neta E., Yehudit E. (reporting)



06:30 Sheikh Saed


When we arrived we saw that a few people were waiting and were not let through. On our way through the turnstiles, we realized that the reason was the morning prayer of the soldier. The other soldiers present rose and let the people through only when we make a remark about it.

Sheikh Saed is waiting for the Supreme Court decision which is expected any day now. A journalist and a photographer for Yediot Yerushalaim were also there, preparing a report about the situation, which is due this week or next week.

Our presence might have helped two elderly people without permits to pass and go to the court in East Jerusalem.


On the way to Wadi Nar there was a traffic jam at the entrance to Al Eizariyya, in both directions. It was no longer there on our way back.


07:45 Wadi Nar


We took the Kedar road. The place looks neglected and gives the impression of either rebuilding (as the soldiers maintained) of dismantling.


Five taxis and a bus which were detained, were released a few minutes after our arrival. One taxi driver was held and, when released after about 15 minutes, was accompanied by 2 soldiers who made a very meticulous search in his taxi. Neta's filming might have caused the search to end as it did.


Taxis were stopped from time to time, in both directions, to and from Bethlehem, papers checked and returned within 10 minutes. One of the taxi drivers complained about being detained for an hour a few days ago.