Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Sun 8.6.08, Morning

Tamar B., Anat S. Tzipi Z., Hagit B. reporting

Meitar-Sansana Crossing
Shavuot evening, total closureinfo-icon, deserted.

Route 60
A few people on road, schools are on holiday, farmers in the fields are busy thrashing. The work on the highway continues.

Dura – El Fawar: – the traffic flows; Sheep crossing, the army is guarding about 20 Jewish worshippers, settlers from Beit HaGuy, but the Palestinian traffic is flowing.

Shayuch Hebron Girls' Schools: children crossing from one side to other with an army on the side.

Route 35
At the Humanitarian Crossing: no traffic. A group of settlers are hiking in the wadi near the Halhoul Bridge are accompanied by an IDF guard & border police jeeps.

The police stopped us at the Tomb of the Patriarchs roadblock and do not allow us to continue to Shuadah Street to the Pharmacy Crossing, or Tarpat & Tel Rumeida.  The reason: "preventing public disturbances," because in the past they had to rescue us from the settlers.

We didn't insist, because today it's a Jewish holiday. A police jeep accompanies us to the entrance of Hebron, but lets us stop to say Shalom to Bassam.