Reihan, Shaked, Sun 15.6.08, Morning

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Yocheved G, Chana H (reporting), Guest: Naomi

06:05 - 08:30

06:05 Reihan Checkpoint

Perhaps 30 have already come out of the checkpoint and are waiting for transport.
The checkpoint opened at 05:30 and, according to the transients, passage today was efficient and coordinated between the various stations. In addition, two windows are operating in the exit. There are rumours that tomorrow the checkpoint will open at 05:00.
The rate is roughly 250 people an hour (as promised!).
At 06:20 there are already no people waiting at the main gate into the terminal.
The workers of the security company let us enter the terminal and asked us to wait for Sharon. Meanwhile we saw the activity at the exit windows – IDs handed in, checked by the worker, and the transient undergoes biometric identification (finger prints).
Sharon arrived and also gave us the happy announcement that morning openings were being brought forward to 05:00.
At 06:35 as the pressure drops inside the terminal, the second window closes. At this hour the traffic in both directions is very sparse. In the lower parking lot 11 loaded tenders are waiting.
06:40 – only ten workers waiting for transport in the parking lot.

07:00 Shaked Checkpoint

The checkpoint is opened, with some 30 men waiting to cross to the Seam Zone. Crossing time, including waiting by the turnstile until entering the inspection room is five or six minutes. Cars also pass quickly in both directions.
A taxi with students from the Seam Zone arrives at 07:15 and is released, with its passengers, after 14 minutes. The students are not checked in the inspection room.
At 07:30 as we leave, there are still 11 people waiting to cross to the Seam Zone.

07:45 Reihan Checkpoint

At the vehicle checkpoint in the direction of the West Bank a taxi and a bus with passengers. After inspection they continue, the taxi after quarter of an hour, and the bus after 25 minutes.
In the waiting plaza developmental work and gardening continue apace, but some of the travellers prefer to pass through the terminal "because it is faster." At the vehicle checkpoint, in the direction of the Seam Zone, four passenger cars are checked for more than 30 minutes. Four loaded pick up trucks entered the compound for checking at 07:00 and did not emerge until 08:30. The efficiency displayed in the terminal is not noticeable at the vehicle crossings.
People arriving at the terminal, from both directions, exit after ten minutes.