Azzun, Jubara (Kafriat), Mon 9.6.08, Morning

Nina S. Osnat R. Natanya translating.

Ras-A-Tirah, the checkpoint is open and there is no queue. Reservists
man the checkpoint. At the Eliyahu crossing there are no workers.
Qalqiliya is very quiet and there is hardly any checking and cars go
past hardly stopping. A group of children get out of a van on one side
of the checkpoint and go on foot to the other side.




Not blocked and the road from there to A-Ras is calm. At the
latter are no queues. Nina asked the commander to phone the soldiers to
ask them to open the gate for us and he did so.


Children's gate is empty and we did not have to even hoot as the
soldier came at once to allow us through to Jubara. There also was no
queue and hardly any checking.