Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 21.5.08, Morning

Drora, Ora, Rahel (reporting)

6:45 am Bethlehem: Long crowded lines of people waiting to pass.  Very noisy. We meet an Ecumenical representative.  He tells us that the CP opened on time, 5:02 am.  When he arrived there were four stations checking.  After a phone call to the humanitarian representative, another station was opened.  We are told there is no staff for the sixth station to function. 
No problem for women to go to the head of the line. 
7:45 am Nebi Yunis: A man tells us that a year ago he received a police report with a fine of NIS 750.00 and his license was taken.  Now he would like to know the cost of the fine in order to pay it.  We directed him to the DCL in Hevron.
8:30 am Etzion DCL: A trickle of people coming to renew their magnetic cards. A man has been refused a magnetic card.  Twenty years ago he was in Israeli jail for a few months.  Since then he works for the UN in the west bank, but would like to work for the UN in Jerusalem.  We urged him to get the letter from the UN first, requesting his employment, then to try again with our help.