Beit Iba, Sun 1.6.08, Morning

Naomi K. Sara B-S, Orna P

Natanya translating.
8.30 Beit Iba.  

There is little movement and men are checked randomly, women not at all. Two detaineesinfo-icon and  whose names appeared in the list and the soldiers are waiting for orders as to whether to free them or not.

We spoke to the DCO representative and he said that they have been there for half an hour. The wiper which blocked the entrance has been removed and there is just a stick which blocks it. The soldiers refuse to speak to us and the commander, a sergeant tries to send us off but we insist on standing there and he leaves it at that. We spoke to the captain of the DCO and he says that the soldiers are drilled before being sent to the checkpoints and are told not to speak to women of Machsomwatch and also says that the women attack them verbally and hurt their feelings.