Al Nashshash, Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 26.3.08, Morning

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Rahel M, Drora P, Ora A (reporting) , Yosef, driver

06.30   Bethlehem CP: There is a big crush outside and long queues inside.   We are told that on the Bethlehem side large numbers of people are waiting and there is much crowding.   The soldiers in the checking booths are chatting on their mobile phones while they check peoples’ documents.   Civilian security personnel are circulating in the crowd, and are in strict control.   Their behavior towards the Palestinians is often worse than the soldiers’.   It appears that they are not subject to any rules of behavior and no-one is in control of them. 

We must find a way to complain about the functioning of the privatized security function. 

07.15   El Nashash:
 Two people ask for help with police-related problems. A Palestinian passes us a power of attorney for his lawyer. 

08.45   Etzion DCL :The hall is empty.   Two young men, summoned by the special security services are waiting outside.   Their documents were taken from them and now they will have to wait for hours to have them returned.   A letter we wrote a long time ago complaining about this forced waiting has yet to be answered.