Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 14.5.08, Morning

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Ora A., Natanya G. Drora P. (reporting)

Translation: Jonathan M.

Rachel Crossing, Nebi Yunes, Etzion DCL

There is a complete blockade today as a result of Presidents’ Convention and Bush’s visit.

Rachel Crossing: as a result of the blockade only one checking booth is open and there are very few people standing in line. I tried to contact the ecumenical volunteers on the other side and were told that as a result of the curfew they decided not to come.

Nebi Yunes: Despite, or perhaps because of the curfew there was a large number of vehicles. There is no military presence in the area. We came as a result of a phone call that asked us to look into some traffic related incident. We took care of it and reported to the DCO.

Etzion DCL: The waiting room is full of people. Some are there to renew or extend their magnetic cards. Others were summoned by the GSS. The people are waiting quietly and patiently. At least that is the external appearance.

Two asked for our help to cancel their prohibition for entering Israel. They are GSS restricted. We passed their request and documents to Sylvia.

Some of the people described to us the situation in the Hebron DCO: total chaos when it comes to receiving people. This translates into shouts and anger. People who are summoned by the GSS must wait all day, just so they can be sent home at the end of the day and start again their waiting the next day.