Beit Iba, Sun 25.5.08, Morning

Yael A. Rachel H. Natanya translating.

7.45 Beit Iba.
The cars pass steadily. A driver of a donkey car tells us that for some days he
has not been allowed to pass with the cart because "there are no
dogs". We explained to him that the dog has to sniff the cart and only
then can he do so. The man is a family man and his means of making a living
have been spoiled. Goods that are in cars do not need to be sniffed." We
promised to see what we could do.

At the pedestrian
area there is great pressure because the checking of IDs is very slow. We spoke
to the
regimental commander who
was pleasant and polite and explained that this is only the second day that the
soldiers have been there and they are nor proficient yet but the entire time
that we were there he impressed on the soldiers to work quickly and soon the
pressure decreased.


We spoke to him about the
dogs and he said that there was a dog and showed us but of course did not know
what had happened before. It seems the problem will be solved. When we came
back we did not find the cart owner so as to tell him that there was a dog.
8.15 We left and went to Anabta where the traffic passed in a regular fashion.