Reihan, Shaked, Sun 1.6.08, Morning

Ruthy T. and Hanna H. (reporting

Translation: Devorah K.

0600 - 0840
Reihan CP - 06:00
The CP opened at 05:30. In the lower parking lot about 40 people are crowded near the main gate. They are allowed in in groups of five in a quick tempo, but every few minutes they are delayed at the entrance to the terminal building. 15 pickup trucks loaded with goods are already waiting in the parking lot.
06:20 - In the upper parking lot, the people are leaving rapidly (40 in ten minutes) and, judgeing by the look on their faces, conditions have improved a bit. People who have arrived at the CP at 5:30 leave at 6:20. At the exit from the terminal, two windows are manned. One of the people going past tells us that the men do not all have to go through the x-ray machine.  All the women do, however.
One woman worker tells us that last week she handled her cell-phone in the CP and was suspected of taking pictures. She was detained at the CP for five hours and after that had to go to the DCO at Salem on Friday and Saturday to straighten out the matter (we did not understand what the punishment was).
One of the people going through told us that his son, a young man with a work permit, was detained at the CP on Friday for an hour and a half; he was made to undress and had a physical inspection, and his feeling was that they 'were laughing at him and humiliating him'. An Italian tourist, who has been invited to a wedding at Yaabed, comes from the seamline zone. He arrives together with a relative of the groom, but without sufficient documentation. The two were detained until the matter was cleared up and when we returned they were no longer at the CP.

Shaked CP - 7:05

The CP is already in full operation, but the soldiers are new and the procedures have been changed. Thirty people who want to go through from the West Bank are waiting near the gate and  near the turnstile. People go through in both directions; cars go through only from the West Bank. The pupils are allowed to pass without any inspection; students and teachers have their documents inspected one by one, and some of them go through without having to go through the inspection pavilion. All those going through from the West Bank are inspected in the pavilion and their names are recorded; the passage takes three minutes.
At 7:15 four cars are waiting on the side of the seamline zone - two belong to teachers and students who have already been allowed through. The cars begin to go through only at 7:30. When we left at 7:40 not all those going through from the West Bank to the seamline zone had indeed passed the CP.

Reihan - 7:50
The bus and the taxis from Barta'a to Jenin have returned to the line; the passengers are inspected in the vehicle CP and they rest in the shed until the inspection ends. Those coming out of the CP in the direction of the seamline zone report that they spent about 30 minutes in the CP.
At 8:10, the first pickup trucks leave for Barta'a after inspection in the compound. At the inspection post for passenger cars, the inspection takes more than 20 minutes.