'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 5.6.08, Morning

Raya Z, Leah R (reporting)
05:30 - 07:15
05:30 Rihan-Bartaa Checkpoint
Some 50 very stressed people waiting, passing quickly through the gate, but stuck in the terminal.
We asked a man who is resident in the West Bank and crosses to work in Shahak Industrial Area, in the Seam Zone, to let us know when he comes out of the terminal. He entered at 05:50 and came out at 07:10, got to work at 07:30 – half an hour late.
06:20 – seven pick ups are waiting for inspection. We leave.

06:30 Aanin Checkpoint

Already on the way to the checkpoint we are surrounded by people asking our help to get permits. We hear familiar stories, that a father is ill and his son cannot get a permit, etc.
07:15 – transit is not over yet.
We drive to DCO Salem, at the request of I., our friend from the checkpoint. His son was arrested on Monday, 2.6.08, and he does not know what is with him – thinks that they will bring him to trial today in Salem Military Court. We did not find the son. The father phones me endlessly, but meanwhile I have not succeeded in helping. At the Center for Protection of the Individual they promised an answer on Sunday. I phoned twice to Salem Prison. They told me phone again in quarter of an hour, then phone at five pm.