Reihan, Wed 4.6.08, Morning

Chedva and Nava

Translation: Yael Bassis-Student

- People on their way to the West bank wait by the window of the post; two of them sit on the bench.

The line does not  move and from where we stand, at the entrance, we are unable to see if anybody is taking care of these people at all. We can't even hear a sound.
A few minutes later people started going through (perhaps they've heard our interest as to what's going on).

0:25 - From time to time cars from the West Bank cross over into the Seamline Zone and are inspected at a reasonable pace.
Two vehicles with farming goods are waiting at the Palestinian car park area.
A few pedestrians walk from the West Bank into the Seamline Zone.
No one was sent back and no particular problems were observed.

- We left.