Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Wed 20.2.08, Afternoon

Tzipi Z, Michal S (reporting)

Sansana - Meitar Checkpoint
(12:55) empty, as it also was on our way back at 15:30..

Route 60
Sheep Crossing
- 13:25 – a military jeep stands at the exit from Hebron, two soldiers beside it. One of them explains to use the importance of their presence here – they are preventing the smuggling of weapons. In his words, there are thousands of weapons smuggled in this sector every day (through the checkpoint and not around it). Three minutes later, the soldiers get a message over the radio and they leave. Apparently the smuggling has stopped...

Pharmacy Checkpoint
: 13:45 – six soldiers sitting on the pavement. No one passing.
Tel Rumeida Junction: two soldiers standing. Young men passing open their coats and pirouette automatically, then wait the soldier’s approval to pass. The soldiers checks IDs of some of them.
A new grocery has opened here.
Tomb of the Patriarchs Checkpoint: no detaineesinfo-icon.
Shayukh: no army. Next to the girls school no taxis. The area is almost empty, apparently because of the freezing weather.
Zif Junction: 14:45 – crossing open, no soldiers.
15:10 – Route 317, the entrance to Yatta from Tiwani is blocked. [L]