Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 22.5.08, Afternoon

Dorit H., Tamar F.

Natanya translating.

Shaar Shomron.
No detaineesinfo-icon that we could see but two Palestinians can be seen arguing vehemently with a policeman (blue.)

Not many cars. The first car in line was an ambulance which we stopped to watch but in a few minutes the checking was concluded.

This Thursday was different from others and there were few leaving Nablus as a result of the university vacation.

A joint force of the unit which is responsible for the passage and soldiers of Nachal are here. The high commander was  second lieutenant from the Nachal. Behind the checkpoint work has begun to widen the facility. A bus arrives from Nablus and the passengers alight and their IDs are taken for checking. It took 10 minutes and then the bus went on its way.

Dorit asked the commander is there a problem with the permits of the porters (which she had read about in previous reports.  He said that there had been a problem on Wednesday but that was because of a problem which had happened with the x-ray machine and not because of permits.

Few cars on either side. At the checkpoint are two cars which are busy passing across cartons back to back while a soldier is on top of the cart of trucks and checks that maybe they are loading something else. The foreman at the place tells us that this is a new unit of soldiers who do not know the procedure and therefore they are very suspicious but in the long run they are all right. He complained about the little work there is and problems of taking goods across which had not been so previously.

Beit Furik.  It is possible to sum up the reality here of few people and the bored attitude of the soldiers during our entire shift. One young men who made his way out and was asked by Dorit about the situation replied "every thing OK".